I love underestimated cuts of meat. Beef tongue might not sound like an immediate crowdpleaser, but when it comes to taste and texture: there is something uniquely special about sous vide beef tongue.   

This recipe is generously shared by Jackie Cameron. This is for a very styled plate, which is a little different to the traditional cold sliced tongue.

To sous vide the perfect beef tongue, salt it generously and vacuum seal the tongue to leave overnight in the fridge. 

The next day, put the beef tongue in the sous vide water bath at 75°C and leave it there for 35 hours. 

“It is this slow, gradual process within the water bath that actually pasteurizes the meat, but at the same time it enhances the meatiness, making the beef tongue a lot creamier”

Jack Cameron

After the 35 hours, remove the beef tongue and let it cool down. When it has cooled down, clean up the tongue by peeling off the layer of skin and cut the tongue in cubes. Cut the cubes in half again, creating a triangular shape. 

Sear the beef tongue, generously in butter and serve with red wine sauce.

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