Sous vide cooking in South Africa

What is sous vide cooking?

Sous vide cooking is a method to cook at a precise and consistent temperature so that it brings out more flavour and better texture of the food. It’s a method that takes the guessing game out of preparing the most tender lamb shank, the juiciest chicken, and the most buttery trout. A sous vide circulator or sous vide machine is used to warm up a water bath to the right temperature, and keeps the water consistent at that temperature for the duration of the cooking period. This temperature is determined by the type of food that you’re preparing and its weight. The food is vacuum packed, and then dropped into the water bath where it’s cooked to the right level of doneness. When it has reached the perfect temperature, it only has to be seared and you’re assured of a perfectly cooked meal.

sousvide circulators

What do restaurants like about sous vide?

Chefs are using sous vide (with sous vide machines like Souschef, Anova or Joule), as it makes preparing different cuts and ingredients easier, and more consistent. Grillers can handle different taste preferences more easily by having meats prepared at the right level of doneness, through a process that brings out texture and flavour of the ingredients. That’s what makes sous vide cooking such a game changer in restaurant kitchens: it’s making it possible to prepare with more flavour and better texture, while its less hands-on and produces only consistent meals.

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Why would you cook sous vide at home?

While an experienced chef may be able to apply his skills and years of experience to prepare meals that bring out the very best of flavours and textures, that’s unfortunately not everyone’s forte. And that’s not because you’re a bad cook, it’s because cooking is an art and that’s why so many of us love spending time in the kitchen: to create beautiful food! Sous vide cooking is for people who love to have a great home cooked meal: with the right temperature in check, you can rest assured that the food is cooked to perfection. It can never be under- or overcooked, and it can never burn, and it’s always succulent and bursting with flavour. It’s perfect for preparing family meals, to treat yourself to a good meal that requires less hands-on time, and for hosting dinner parties without the stress around the quality of the food that you’ll be serving. Sous vide machines have already revolutionised restaurant kitchens, now it’s here to change your home cooking experience! We give you 4 biggest benefits of sous vide cooking

The Sous Vide Method

The easiest and only method that guarantees a perfectly cooked meal.



Vacuum your selected ingredients airtight and add more herbs and spices as you like.



The the Sous Vide circulator on the desired temperature and run time in and out of the pot!



Voila! The perfect meal that is not over- or undercooked!