And why you should use the Sous Vide cooking technique

Sous vide cooking is a French cooking technique that uses a scientific approach that gives consistent and high-quality outcomes in your kitchen.

Sous vide (meaning under vacuum) is a process where food is put in a vacuum-sealed bag, and placing that bag in a water bath (a pot or plastic container). Using a sous vide cooker the water is heated to a very precise temperature, and you slowly bring the submerged food to that same temperature of the water bath.

Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but sous vide will make you enjoy the last.     

– Unknown sous vide user

Sous vide cooking is simple!

You will learn a lot about cooking sous vide when you go down the rabbit hole, but the essence of the technique is actually very simple.
A typical consumer sous vide circulator has 2 controls: set time and set temperature. It all comes down to a balance between time and temperature, and you will find what time/temperature works best for you for any particular type of food. Start with the guidelines, and then from there you can play around with longer cooks at a lower temperature, or shorter cooks with a higher temperature, etc.

Another necessary step once you have removed the food from the water bath and out of the plastic bag, is the ‘finish’. This is a quick sear of the meat on high fire, grilling or broiling to add a nice-looking and tasty crust.

ChefSteps YouTube channel is a great resource for Sous Vide enthousiasts!

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