The classic T-bone is a fantastic cut to flame grill the traditional way on the braai, and even better when cooked sous vide first. Especially when you’ve got a nice, 3-fingers thick steak and want to make sure it’s cooked to perfection before searing with that flavourful crust.

At which temperature you need to cook the steak depends on your preference. We cooked it at 49C to get a medium rare result. Prefer it more medium or done? Cook at a higher temperature, like 56C degrees. The thickness of the steak determines how long you have to cook to achieve the result at that temperature, and additional time contributes to extra tenderness.

For this experiment we cooked 1 steak for 3 hours, and 1 steak for 6 hours. This is what it looked like:

T-Bone cooked sous vide to medium rare before giving it a flame-grilled sear


  •  4cm thick T-bone steaks
  • Rosemary
  • Garlic
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Prepare your sous vide water bath
    Fill a container with water and place the sous vide immersion circulator in the bath. Set temperature at 49C degrees.
  2. Prepare the meat
    Season the meat with salt and pepper, and rough chop or crush garlic.
  3. Prepare the bag
    Place the meat in a vacuum bag and add garlic and rosemary. Vacuum seal the bag.
  4. Cook the meat
    Drop the bag in the sous vide bath, and cook for 3-6 hours. After cooking time, remove the bag from the bath and leave to cool slightly. In 3 hours the meat is cooked and still has some chew, after 6 hours it’s fillet-like tender.
  5. Make a fire!
    When cooking time is nearly complete, make a fire for that flame grilled sear.
  6. Sear the meat
    Remove the meat from the bag, and pat dry with paper towel. Grind some extra salt over the steaks. When the fire is ready, sear all sides of the steaks for about 30 seconds, until nice and brown. Leave to rest for a few minutes and then slice to serve.

T-bone steak goes well with anything, and we’d highly recommend a homemade Monkey Gland Sauce.

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